My Pesce-Vegan Life Story

Growing up I was always overweight. I remember going on my first diet in the 3rd grade after my doctor told me I needed to lose some weight. That was the beginning of a decade and a half of yo-yo dieting. I tried everything from the cabbage diet, the 3-day diet, the watermelon diet, the juice diet, Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and the lemonade diet. Although these diets would work, it was only effective short-term. I would gain back even more weight than before after finishing the diet, because I had deprived myself of normally eating habits. This was the Ferris wheel of my life and it wasn’t until the summer of 2015 when I decided to get off and search for a new ride that wouldn’t bring me up only to bring me back down again.

It was July 2015 and I was interning at a company’s corporate office in the HR Department full-time. This day at work started out as usual. I went up to the 15th floor to get my coffee and then I would head down to the 12th floor to the file room where I was working on a company project. It was around lunchtime when I received a call from my brother that one of my family members had been diagnosed with a plethora of weight-related complications and didn’t have much longer to live. I stared at my computer screen in shock before the tears began to fall down my face. I remembered that I was at a professional place of business where no signs of weakness should be displayed, so I speedily walked to the bathroom with my head hung low so that no one would see the obvious river of tears. Once I made it into the bathroom, I wiped my tears and took a good look in the mirror. All I saw was an unhappy overweight girl that wanted to live a healthier lifestyle but didn’t exactly know how. All I knew in that moment was that I was scared of what would happen if I didn’t take the time to find out how.

That next day, I chose to make a change by ironically turning to what I had always done but had never worked…fad diets. This time I chose to do Atkins, but after two weeks and 10 pounds lost, I got sick of unlimited meat and cheese and the smell of it began to make me queasy. I decided that I needed to do the complete opposite of Atkins so I began a two week vegan challenge on August 1, 2015, where meat and cheese were nowhere in sight. Within those two weeks, I saw a huge difference in myself and not just on the scale. My skin glowed, my energy was through the roof, and I just knew that this was a change I wanted to continue because I felt and looked better.


After two months of being strictly vegan, I began to notice that it was extremely challenging to get all of the proper nutrients and if I wanted to continue this for life I needed to add something to my current veganism. I looked into being pescetarian, but I didn’t want to add dairy back in my life because it’s not the healthiest option to begin with. So, I decided to add seafood back, but without the dairy. After months of explaining that I’m not a vegan but I’m not a pescetarian either, I finally decided to make up a name for myself…pesce-vegan.

Since I began traveling down the pesce-vegan road, I’ve lost a total of 80 pounds and I’ve gone down 6 dress sizes. I’m constantly asked how do I do it, what do I eat, where do I grocery shop, and all of that has inspired me to start this blog so I can inspire other people to partake in the Pesce-Vegan Life.

     Signed, B. Janai